April 5, 2017

Find Your Fire

There are moments in life where we lose the passion to continue giving our all. It happens in our walk with God,  our workplace, our fitness journey, and  even within our relationships. We become less excited or less passionate about pursuing the best version of ourselves in that area of our life.  The goal can be very clear- the purpose can be well worth the effort- however, we wake up and it becomes harder not to push the snooze button on life. [Read more…]

March 29, 2017

Her Win Isn’t My Loss

I was in the 6th grade and on the basketball team at the Boys and Girls club.  It was the 4th quarter- a tied game! My teammate passed me the ball and I was determined to make a lay up- I used my left hand to guard “my man” just like my coach had taught me and with the other I held a steady dribble. I thought: Jannelle if you can keep this up, you can make it to the net and SCORE!  I took two steps and threw it up and… it didn’t go in the basket. Actually someone much taller than I caught the rebound and made the shot. The team and crowd cheered and shouted! My team won, however, I felt as though I lost.

I wish I could say this basketball game was the last time I felt as though I had a loss in the midst of “my team” winning- actually I’ve felt this several times since then- one time being when a friend of mine got engaged while I was going through a break up. While I was so excited for her, I couldn’t help but feel my small loss turn into a major loss. [Read more…]

March 22, 2017


It was 5:05 am, sweats were on, breakfast was on its way and I’m convinced there were still a few hidden bobby pins in my hair that weren’t invited out.

Three girlfriends and I called each other up the night before and convinced ourselves it would be a good idea to have breakfast together before we went to work, before their husbands needed food, and before their kids got on the bus. On a cold early morning we sat in a diner  and laughed at ourselves  the way we reacted to situation that was none of our business (yes you aren’t the only one- put petty betty away), the outfit we wore to work knowing it was wrinkled (when you’re running late nothing looks too wrinkled) , and at how one of their kids responded the same-exact way we would respond to sassy comment (not saying its right, just saying it was funny).

After the OJ was finished and the laughs ended we began to share some very personal areas in life we were struggling in. [Read more…]

March 15, 2017

The In Between

I’ll never forget being at the She Speaks conference last year with over 600 women who were passionate about words, books, and different ways to articulate their experiences in such a way that would encourage their readers. I remember feeling so small yet so fearless. I remember how desperate my fingers grew to pop open my laptop and share my heart with those who were interested to read about it. I came back to my apartment from the conference and whipped out Gold and Black everything to keep the motivation going for She’s Not Sorry. I knew God was up to something in me. [Read more…]

September 9, 2016

Whole and Well

Jesus said, “Daughter, you took a risk trusting me, and now you’re healed and whole. Live well, live blessed!”

|| Luke 8:48 ||

Just the other day I had the awesome opportunity to share my heart with some of the women at the homeless shelter I am currently working at. When thinking about some of the current circumstances these women are facing, I began to ask God for a gentle, simple message that the women could relate to and be changed by. Instantly the story of the woman with the issue of blood came to mind. [Read more…]

August 5, 2016

#SheReads: The Best Yes || Lysa Terkeurst

 A Best Yes is you playing your part. If you know it and believe it, you’ll live it.

|| page 5 ||

Lysa was speaking at Elevation Church about two years ago and I remember turning the volume up on my laptop so I could hear what she had to say about my Best Yes. It wasn’t long before I found myself at LifeWay picking up this treasure. I can honestly say the pages and words within this book have made a huge impact on my everyday life within the last 3 months. My urge to act quickly and say yes to every glowing opportunity along with my itch to please people, quickly came to a crossing point with the wisdom God’s word highlights. [Read more…]

July 29, 2016

She Speaks 2016 Takeaways

Conference ReviewLess than a week later and my heart is still exuberating from the She Speaks 2016 Conference. This experience created for writers, speakers, and leaders gave guests nothing less than a weekend of excellence! The Proverbs 31 Ministries team was intentional to the 1,000 women present providing publishers, resources and insight to help advance the God given voice within each one present. Here are my top Takeaways from this vibrant weekend in North Carolina!

Detailed Packaging

From the moment I walked into the hotel- down the hall for registration, I was absolutely blown away by the atmosphere that was strategically created through every detail. From the seating areas, to the photo booth, to our notebooks-which were creatively put together. The P31 team played no games! Our notebooks contained fill-in notes for each session, teasing our creative juices and pulling on our heart-strings with calligraphy fonts spelling out inspiring statements. (By the way I got to meet the amazing Jazmine Antoinette who was the one responsible for the font designs).

Speakers & Sessions

The keynote speakers for the night gatherings included Lysa Terkeurst Shauna Niequest and Suzie Eller. They all did great and covered essential topics, however, Shauna Niequest stood out to me in a big way. She shared her journey of her book launch, which is coming out in two weeks: Present Over Perfect. Shauna shared of the excitement, success and work ethic it took to complete this new book. However she expressed the platform-success journey did not compare to the everyday life “normal life” she once had. She reminded every aspiring writer/speaker to: Take things slow, build relationships that are durable, and lastly make beautiful things through it. This truly touched me in a tremendous way. How quickly my heart becomes restless, as it tries to find its own way because of “time.” I was reminded to Slow down, build durability and allow my experience cultivate beautiful art.

The sessions were focused on practical application, which I loved. The resources provided us with insight we could implement to our personal ministries instantly, the speakers held nothing back. Each registrant was able to create their session schedule based on their interest. Here are the sessions I attended:

  • Understanding & Maximizing Your Communication Style ||Whitney Capps||
  • Staying True to Your High Calling ||Sharon Glasgow||
  • Message Development ||Amy Carroll||
  • Marketing Do- Over: Secrets I Wish I’d Known, Before My First Book Launched  ||Courtney DeFeo||
  • Building an Enduring Platform in 30 Minutes a Day ||Kathi Lipp||
  • How to Create Graphics When You’re Not a Graphic Designer || Nicki Koziarz||
  • Blogging with Purpose ||Cindy Bulterma||

Publisher meetings

This takeaway is the reason so many fly out to North Carolina every July. For those who are writing in hopes to one day publish a book, She Speaks gives a platform just for you. Publisher meetings are scheduled for those who’d like to pitch a book idea and/or have a book manuscript they’d like to have published. There were women who were excited and confident about their book ideas & women who were so nervous to meet with the publishers they forgot what they even wrote. Either way, I believe this was the X factor for the conference. Those who were on the Speakers track had 5 minutes to share a short message in front of a group and receive constructive criticism. This again, made some so nervous and others excited by the challenge. I didn’t do either being that it was my first year and I was not quiet sure how these groups worked. Instead, I attended sessions I believed helped me with what I am involved in now. Who knows, maybe I’ll be pitching a book idea in the coming years?


The resources included a never-ending stream of books, software, groups, eBooks, online training opportunities and more. Seriously the list goes on. I left the conference as a COMPEL member once more and a bag full of books hanging from my arm of course.


My heart was overjoyed to have met so many beautiful women of all ages that actually took the call of writing & speaking seriously. Not only were their tons of gifted women there, but they were all wanting to connect and grow in relationship. The number of blog cards I received was immense, however, it was such a gift knowing there were plenty of others who had the same passion. Here are a few- go ahead and check out their blog and websites!


Networking with other women is part of the magnificent experience, however, building long lasting relationship is something that requires your attention and intension. I decided to come to She Speaks alone- however, I reached out to other women from other parts of the country I knew were attending through a FB page. This was the best decision ever. I met Krysten and we instantly hit it off. Her passion for victims of Human Tracking filled my heart as she shared her vision behind Fancy Freedom, which is her jewelry line. The sessions were amazing, the keynote speakers were great, the opportunities were at our fingertips, but it did not compare to the friendship I left NC with.

So, with all of that being said- I am left reviewing and processing everything handed to me this weekend. Again, I want to thank all of the beautiful people who gave towards my GoFundMe page, I couldn’t have done it without you! If you had more questions about She Speaks, feel free to visit my Contact page and ask away! To all those interested, I have a give away I thought you might like! To be entered to win this cute bag from the conference, subscribe and comment to let me know you’d like to win the giveaway- I just might throw in one of my favorite books from Lysa Terkeurst !




July 21, 2016

Asking the Tough Questions

I cannot believe it is already July. Time slips through the seams of everyday life and before I know it, it has been one month since my last post. I’m sure I don’t have to use an epic metaphor to show just how crazy and busy life can be sometimes.

To catch some of you up, I am currently in North Carolina for the She Speaks Conference. A few months back I reached out to many through a GoFund Me page and within 1 1/2 weeks I received more than the amount needed to attend this conference. Thanks again, to all those who donated! You all are amazing.

On the She’s Not Sorry Facebook Page (Click here to like and share the page) I expressed that I would take you all along the She Speaks adventure through my blog, twitter, IG and even Youtube page (trying new things)! I can’t wait to share this experience with you all and hopefully encourage you to run into the rooms your heart beats for.

While I will share with you all about She Speaks, I did have a thought while at the airport and was compelled to share:

I was texting a friend about a traumatic experience she had in the past. We haven’t had a verbal conversation in a while, texting just seemed easier and has become our way of communication.  While conversing, there was a point where I felt as though I had to ask her a question- I felt it in my bones that she so desperately wanted to share her heart but was waiting for a door to open. I typed out the question we both yearned for, then pressed the backspace button. I typed out the question once more then down played it with an emoji.

I started thinking about what was going on inside of me and how hard it was to ask this question that we both were waiting for.  I deleted the emoji and pushed “send.” I didn’t regret it.

Again, we were talking about a sensitive subject and it “wasn’t an easy question to ask.”

Often, we are afraid to ask tough questions because we are afraid to hear the tough reality of someone’s heart condition. . Could it be that we are afraid because it will then expose us to our own heart’s condition.

I remember taking a grief course in college. One of the reasons people avoid those who are grieving, is because they then become aware that they too could go through grief, they too could be in that person’s shoes. Sounds sad and selfish, however, we all do it.

We all at some point or another avoid asking those around us the tough questions they so desperately want to answer – they so desperately want someone who cares enough to ask.

Sometimes this may mean  opening the “can of worms” titled:

  • Are you feeling okay?
  • How are you really taking this divorce?
  • How have you been since . . . ?
  • Do you forgive yourself?

Once we open that door to give others that space to be honest, we may be compelled to think empathetically and put ourselves in their shoes.  The goal isn’t to take on guilt or shame for someone’s current state of being. The goal is to go beyond ourselves far enough to help someone else.

With all that being said, my challenge to you is to move past the awkwardness and ask the tough questions.

That is all,


June 17, 2016

She Suffers Nothing From Laziness

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 1.51.40 AM

I’ll never forget the moment I was sitting in the doctor’s office listening to my doctor explain PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome). I was living in Florida at the time. My mentor was with me- she knew something was wrong with my body and encouraged me to set up an appointment.  I was having random sharp pains in my abdominal area and my hormones were going crazy.

After a few blood tests and ultra sounds, not only was I diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome, but I had a huge Cyst on each Ovary, the size of a Grape fruit, that had to be removed. I had done some research on PCOS and came to the conclusion that it basically meant that I was to be called Fiona- a female version of SHREK. Imbalanced hormones which lead to facial hair, balding, weight gain and infertility. Yes- horrible.

At the age of 18, the last thing I wanted to hear was that I may not be able have babies in the future. I mean, of course weight gain and balding were not much of a joy, however, I knew being infertile would be a journey of itself.

As I asked questions and continued to do my research, I quickly found out the best medicine I could give my body was good-ole-fashioned fitness and nutrition.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 11.31.29 PMFrom the minute I stepped out of that office I cut out every sugar/high carb from my diet and made sure to exercise at least 4-6 times a week. Water was my best friend. I was focused. I was committed. I was determined to become better and I was willing to work hard towards the long term goal.

Because of this, one of my cysts shrunk to a regular size and the other was surgically removed from my ovary ( it was entirely too big). I lost just about 30 pounds and felt great. My body was reacting to the consistency and work I was putting in. My hormones were getting in place. I was proud of the progress.
It wasn’t easy. As silly as it sounds, I remember crying because I was tired of eating things like tuna, apples and chicken while others ate pizza and Taco Bell. I remember dreading the gym and throwing up so many times after a simple workout, however, none of these things stopped me from pursuing a healthy version of me.

I returned to Pennsylvania after 9 months. I walked back into my unhealthy eating habits and boom- I gained all the weight and the side effects of PCOS began to shine bright once more.

My health journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. Bursts of passion towards fitness and nutrition here and there. Losing 10 pounds here- gaining it back there. Running through out the summer- hibernating in the winter.

While the thought of infertility has been in the back of my mind- something else has been itching at my gut (no pun intended). The thought that I am not where I should be or could be, physically ( which connects emotionally/mentally), because I am “not motivated at the moment” is nothing less than an excuse for my laziness.

OUCH. Did I just call myself lazy?! YES.

The thought of being afraid to fail cannot stand- I’ve done this before. I can do it again.

The conviction of knowing that laziness has been the wall that has kept me from being the Best Jannelle to the MEDIOCRE Jannelle  is disheartening.

Proverbs 31:27 says that this virtuous woman suffers nothing from laziness. 

Knowing something had to change within me, I started thinking of all the things my unwillingness to work towards bettering my health, has influenced and suffered.

My hormones are everywhere which means my emotions and attitude are up and down (I know you can relate)! When my emotions out of whack- my relationships suffer. When my relationships suffer- everything connected to that suffers.

Laziness is not worth the suffering. Now- as funny as this all may sound, we all have areas of “laziness.” Areas we get content with and no longer strive to be better in. We don’t always realize the suffering that comes along with the mediocre decision to stay complacent in a certain area.

Maybe you’re struggling within the area of “I just don’t have the motivation to change _________.”

Whether you do have the motivation, or don’t- it doesn’t matter. You need to get going and get working. Why? Because other areas of your life are suffering and if you don’t make a change, they will continue to suffer.

I have decided to abandon the lazy lifestyle I’ve been living in this area of my life. I have decided to pursue the Best Me by picking up where I left off a few years ago. I’m up for the Fit-challenge once more, and for good.

Ecclesiastes 10:18

A lazy woman ends up with a leaky roof.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want a “leaky roof” over my relationships, self esteem or future health situation. It’s time to get working, get going, and for me- this means: Get healthy.

Be Blessed,

Jannelle Sanchez

May 27, 2016

Your Life Changing Story!


Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 12.00.04 AM

So, here we are! After 7 amazing weeks of nothing but back to back stories of women sharing their stories of victory, defeat, loss, healing and so much more- I could not go on without sharing all that occurred during the first SNS Blast Off.  These women expressed and demonstrated what She’s Not Sorry is about and what it will always be about: YOUR LIFE CHANGING STORY. 

We started off with the amazing Aaren Gutierrez who shared about the day the word “sorry” had a different meaning to her,  after finding out her soon to be born baby boy was no longer living.

It was the long nights of crying that God drew close to me.  It forced me to remove all “church masks” and just be pure and authentic with Him.  When I called upon Him in TRUTH, He reveled truth to me, and loved me through my darkest nights and hours.

Landy Perez followed and reminded us about life’s disappointments. She wrote such comforting words to help us understand that God indeed has his eye on us.

Disappointments are simply God’s way of re-routing things in your life and converting them into divine appointments. He knows what He is doing in your life. Although, sometimes you may not see it or understand why things are transpiring the way they are, trust in His perfect plan for your life. It’s easier said than done, I get that but if you can relinquish your fears, then you’ll leave room for God to work things out the way He wants to.

Becky Morales told us of the moment God called her to homeschool her children. She was living out her dream as a professional- yet the call to obedience was much greater:

I learned that material success is not necessarily the result of obedience, but a sure certainty, a deep intimacy with God is.

 Vanessa Philbert gave us an urgency to address the root cause of our heart’s current condition:

In that moment God reminded me of the richness of His word and that His word was not to be used to validate my experiences but remind me of who HE is! Every promise, every lesson, every piece of advice, every answer is in His word, it is the medicine for my soul.

Laura Rodenberry poured out so much wisdom when sharing her story of Singlehood-ness: Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 9.09.02 PM

I’d rather take the time, however long, to grow in singlehood and be gifted a romance by the greatest Author of all, than to be a weak, double-minded individual who becomes further divided when joined in relationship of romance for the sake of not being alone.

IMG_6232Stephanie Williams posted about being broken. Her post hit every part of me and challenged me, as I am sure one of these stories did to you. As I reflect on her entry I can’t help but quote this phrase she shared:

Brokenness does not define your character, but it will test the durability of your vulnerability.

Lastly, the beautiful Gerica Lilly shared a little about her Cancer journey. She wrapped up the SNS Blast Off with such a powerful message:

I don’t want people to know my story and feel sorry for me. I want people to know my story, see my faith was tested and say, ‘God has to be real!’ . . .I am so grateful I claimed my experiences and didn’t let them claim me.

While the stories were released each week, the testimonies of hope being restored, strength being renewed and hearts being free poured in:

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 11.14.38 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 11.07.15 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 11.14.54 PM

The power of story is something Jesus himself has proven to be true. Many of us are living out a faith-filled life because we heard the story of a God who loved us so deeply that he did whatever it took to be reunited with us. He gave all he had , his Son, his one and only Son. And this is why: so that no one need be destroyed; by believing in him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life.

The Gospels are filled with individuals being so heavily impacted by this hope, that they write out their personal journey of the red letters Jesus spoke, in hopes to encourage others in their walk.

I believe as God takes you through the many ups and downs, the many mountains and valleys, it is your responsibility to gather all the lessons learned and share them with the world. When we embrace our story by allowing God to weave all the broken pieces together , we become a light house for those around us.

Remember, your pit can be someone’s life giving well if you find the courage to share your life changing story.

Can’t wait for our next She’s Not Sorry Blast Off  this July!