December 5, 2015

Vintage Lace

Are you ever taken by a scent of some sort. Like you smell a perfume, a candle burning, or  a meal cooking, and it totally takes you back a year or two, to a certain place? A certain memory? I somehow remember the scent of the rooms I’ve lived in. Whether it was a certain body spray I used at the time, or a candle, I seem to have carried these different  memories through the scent they each carried.

Just recently, I was laying in bed and I turned over to notice my candle on my book shelf. I started to think about how lovely it smelled. It was a sweet-soft smell and just how perfect it’s name matched it’s aroma, I thought. Vintage Lace (it’s from Target , just incase you want to send another one my way 😉 ).  Anyway, this Vintage Lace candle I knew would permanently mark this memory for me. This bed. This room. This apartment. With that, it would mark just what I have desired and yearned for in the past.

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November 14, 2015

Here’s To Brave Beginnings



Writing this blog, specifically the idea of “She’s Not Sorry“, has been the most courageous thing I have been willing to do. Yes , more courageous than leaving everything I knew and flying to Florida at the age of 18 , more courageous than getting on stage every Sunday despite the insecurities I’m feeling at the moment, and certainly more courageous than enrolling into college regardless of my doubts in my ability to graduate.

All these things were challenges before me, but none of these situations have challenged my core the way “She’s Not Sorry” has. Through this process I have become more and more aware that my purpose is tightly linked  to the very essence of who I am. The experiences that have made me are the same ones that are springing up and molding me into the person I am called to be. I find myself digging deep, exposing the parts of myself I was taught to hide. My findings, painful as they were, not only helped me find freedom and but helped others find freedom within their process as well.

Exposure is never fun, but freedom is always worth it.

I’m catching a glimpse of what’s happening around me. I can see the hope in the eyes of those I share my heart and story with. And all this because I was willing to be fearless in my faith and courageous with my testimony.  I can see myself being pushed into a new beginning, not just any new beginning, but one that will take “facing fear and danger without flinching.”

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October 27, 2015

Coming Soon