July 29, 2016

She Speaks 2016 Takeaways

Conference ReviewLess than a week later and my heart is still exuberating from the She Speaks 2016 Conference. This experience created for writers, speakers, and leaders gave guests nothing less than a weekend of excellence! The Proverbs 31 Ministries team was intentional to the 1,000 women present providing publishers, resources and insight to help advance the God given voice within each one present. Here are my top Takeaways from this vibrant weekend in North Carolina!

Detailed Packaging

From the moment I walked into the hotel- down the hall for registration, I was absolutely blown away by the atmosphere that was strategically created through every detail. From the seating areas, to the photo booth, to our notebooks-which were creatively put together. The P31 team played no games! Our notebooks contained fill-in notes for each session, teasing our creative juices and pulling on our heart-strings with calligraphy fonts spelling out inspiring statements. (By the way I got to meet the amazing Jazmine Antoinette who was the one responsible for the font designs).

Speakers & Sessions

The keynote speakers for the night gatherings included Lysa Terkeurst Shauna Niequest and Suzie Eller. They all did great and covered essential topics, however, Shauna Niequest stood out to me in a big way. She shared her journey of her book launch, which is coming out in two weeks: Present Over Perfect. Shauna shared of the excitement, success and work ethic it took to complete this new book. However she expressed the platform-success journey did not compare to the everyday life “normal life” she once had. She reminded every aspiring writer/speaker to: Take things slow, build relationships that are durable, and lastly make beautiful things through it. This truly touched me in a tremendous way. How quickly my heart becomes restless, as it tries to find its own way because of “time.” I was reminded to Slow down, build durability and allow my experience cultivate beautiful art.

The sessions were focused on practical application, which I loved. The resources provided us with insight we could implement to our personal ministries instantly, the speakers held nothing back. Each registrant was able to create their session schedule based on their interest. Here are the sessions I attended:

  • Understanding & Maximizing Your Communication Style ||Whitney Capps||
  • Staying True to Your High Calling ||Sharon Glasgow||
  • Message Development ||Amy Carroll||
  • Marketing Do- Over: Secrets I Wish I’d Known, Before My First Book Launched  ||Courtney DeFeo||
  • Building an Enduring Platform in 30 Minutes a Day ||Kathi Lipp||
  • How to Create Graphics When You’re Not a Graphic Designer || Nicki Koziarz||
  • Blogging with Purpose ||Cindy Bulterma||

Publisher meetings

This takeaway is the reason so many fly out to North Carolina every July. For those who are writing in hopes to one day publish a book, She Speaks gives a platform just for you. Publisher meetings are scheduled for those who’d like to pitch a book idea and/or have a book manuscript they’d like to have published. There were women who were excited and confident about their book ideas & women who were so nervous to meet with the publishers they forgot what they even wrote. Either way, I believe this was the X factor for the conference. Those who were on the Speakers track had 5 minutes to share a short message in front of a group and receive constructive criticism. This again, made some so nervous and others excited by the challenge. I didn’t do either being that it was my first year and I was not quiet sure how these groups worked. Instead, I attended sessions I believed helped me with what I am involved in now. Who knows, maybe I’ll be pitching a book idea in the coming years?


The resources included a never-ending stream of books, software, groups, eBooks, online training opportunities and more. Seriously the list goes on. I left the conference as a COMPEL member once more and a bag full of books hanging from my arm of course.


My heart was overjoyed to have met so many beautiful women of all ages that actually took the call of writing & speaking seriously. Not only were their tons of gifted women there, but they were all wanting to connect and grow in relationship. The number of blog cards I received was immense, however, it was such a gift knowing there were plenty of others who had the same passion. Here are a few- go ahead and check out their blog and websites!


Networking with other women is part of the magnificent experience, however, building long lasting relationship is something that requires your attention and intension. I decided to come to She Speaks alone- however, I reached out to other women from other parts of the country I knew were attending through a FB page. This was the best decision ever. I met Krysten and we instantly hit it off. Her passion for victims of Human Tracking filled my heart as she shared her vision behind Fancy Freedom, which is her jewelry line. The sessions were amazing, the keynote speakers were great, the opportunities were at our fingertips, but it did not compare to the friendship I left NC with.

So, with all of that being said- I am left reviewing and processing everything handed to me this weekend. Again, I want to thank all of the beautiful people who gave towards my GoFundMe page, I couldn’t have done it without you! If you had more questions about She Speaks, feel free to visit my Contact page and ask away! To all those interested, I have a give away I thought you might like! To be entered to win this cute bag from the conference, subscribe and comment to let me know you’d like to win the giveaway- I just might throw in one of my favorite books from Lysa Terkeurst !





  1. Great summary! I love how you broke this down. And I have to agree, everything was awesome, but our friendship is my favorite takeaway of all!
    Much love to you! ❤️

    • Jannelle says:


      I am currently at a local cafe humming, “This is Living now!” These memories will last forever!


  2. Tiffiny says:

    I would absolutely love a chance to win your giveaway so please enter me ?… Thank you for sharing your experience with us . I love attending conferences and meeting new people. This sounds amazing . I’m proud of you . You just continue to grow and reach new heights . Your a force to be reckoned with . Love you so much sis and look forward to more blogs from you ?

    • Jannelle says:


      I will most certainly enter you into the Giveaway! Thanks for all the love and support! All of your comments and reflections are so cherished! Please let me know if there is anything else you’d like to read about!!


  3. Aida Ober says:

    I would absolutely love to win the give-away.. Your such an inspiration for someone like me. I know what I was called to do, but let “fear and doubt’s” set in. But, just to see someone soar is remarkable!!! God bless you!!
    The beauty of your writing and the insight of vision from the conference made me feel as though, I myself were there!!
    I would of loved to been there…

    • Jannelle says:

      Hi Aida!

      Your kind words are encouraging! God is bigger than fear and doubt! You have amazing things in you that need to come out! Don’t be afraid to blossom 🙂


  4. So sad I had to cancel this year, but next year, I’m so there!!! So excited you got to love on some people I love as well. Christina Hubbard, yay!
    I would love to win the giveaway! I’d love to make it a new diaper bag! Anyway, I’m tons excited. Thanks for all the great updates! xxx

  5. Stephanie says:

    I loved your takeaway from the conference and it was such a delight to get to meet you and hear more about what you are doing and what God is doing through you! I’ve already decided I must go back next year so you better believe we will connect again!

    • Jannelle says:


      Had such a great time with you and the ladies that surrounded us. You are certain that we will connect once more!


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