June 17, 2016

She Suffers Nothing From Laziness

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I’ll never forget the moment I was sitting in the doctor’s office listening to my doctor explain PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome). I was living in Florida at the time. My mentor was with me- she knew something was wrong with my body and encouraged me to set up an appointment.  I was having random sharp pains in my abdominal area and my hormones were going crazy.

After a few blood tests and ultra sounds, not only was I diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome, but I had a huge Cyst on each Ovary, the size of a Grape fruit, that had to be removed. I had done some research on PCOS and came to the conclusion that it basically meant that I was to be called Fiona- a female version of SHREK. Imbalanced hormones which lead to facial hair, balding, weight gain and infertility. Yes- horrible.

At the age of 18, the last thing I wanted to hear was that I may not be able have babies in the future. I mean, of course weight gain and balding were not much of a joy, however, I knew being infertile would be a journey of itself.

As I asked questions and continued to do my research, I quickly found out the best medicine I could give my body was good-ole-fashioned fitness and nutrition.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 11.31.29 PMFrom the minute I stepped out of that office I cut out every sugar/high carb from my diet and made sure to exercise at least 4-6 times a week. Water was my best friend. I was focused. I was committed. I was determined to become better and I was willing to work hard towards the long term goal.

Because of this, one of my cysts shrunk to a regular size and the other was surgically removed from my ovary ( it was entirely too big). I lost just about 30 pounds and felt great. My body was reacting to the consistency and work I was putting in. My hormones were getting in place. I was proud of the progress.
It wasn’t easy. As silly as it sounds, I remember crying because I was tired of eating things like tuna, apples and chicken while others ate pizza and Taco Bell. I remember dreading the gym and throwing up so many times after a simple workout, however, none of these things stopped me from pursuing a healthy version of me.

I returned to Pennsylvania after 9 months. I walked back into my unhealthy eating habits and boom- I gained all the weight and the side effects of PCOS began to shine bright once more.

My health journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. Bursts of passion towards fitness and nutrition here and there. Losing 10 pounds here- gaining it back there. Running through out the summer- hibernating in the winter.

While the thought of infertility has been in the back of my mind- something else has been itching at my gut (no pun intended). The thought that I am not where I should be or could be, physically ( which connects emotionally/mentally), because I am “not motivated at the moment” is nothing less than an excuse for my laziness.

OUCH. Did I just call myself lazy?! YES.

The thought of being afraid to fail cannot stand- I’ve done this before. I can do it again.

The conviction of knowing that laziness has been the wall that has kept me from being the Best Jannelle to the MEDIOCRE Jannelle  is disheartening.

Proverbs 31:27 says that this virtuous woman suffers nothing from laziness. 

Knowing something had to change within me, I started thinking of all the things my unwillingness to work towards bettering my health, has influenced and suffered.

My hormones are everywhere which means my emotions and attitude are up and down (I know you can relate)! When my emotions out of whack- my relationships suffer. When my relationships suffer- everything connected to that suffers.

Laziness is not worth the suffering. Now- as funny as this all may sound, we all have areas of “laziness.” Areas we get content with and no longer strive to be better in. We don’t always realize the suffering that comes along with the mediocre decision to stay complacent in a certain area.

Maybe you’re struggling within the area of “I just don’t have the motivation to change _________.”

Whether you do have the motivation, or don’t- it doesn’t matter. You need to get going and get working. Why? Because other areas of your life are suffering and if you don’t make a change, they will continue to suffer.

I have decided to abandon the lazy lifestyle I’ve been living in this area of my life. I have decided to pursue the Best Me by picking up where I left off a few years ago. I’m up for the Fit-challenge once more, and for good.

Ecclesiastes 10:18

A lazy woman ends up with a leaky roof.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want a “leaky roof” over my relationships, self esteem or future health situation. It’s time to get working, get going, and for me- this means: Get healthy.

Be Blessed,

Jannelle Sanchez


  1. Tasha Cameron-Wesley says:

    Each post I read is always an inspiration to me and touches on something in my life that is relatable. Keep doing what you’re doing I think it’s GREAT! Continued Blessings and Success ?

    • Jannelle says:

      Hey Tasha!

      This one was a hard one to release, however, I knew it was a must. I am happy it touched on an area of your life!
      Also, your wristband is on it’s way 😉


  2. Amen. You go girl! Have a bless weekend. <3

  3. Mery Soto says:

    Wowow!!! This fit me in a real way, I have been battle with my moods and emotions and just couldn’t seem to get it right, everything outwardly in my life has been going good, actually great but I wondered why didn’t my moods match my circumstances, I have been tired, frustrated, angry and anxious for no apparent reason but as I begin to reflect inwardly “where am I lacking?, what can I change?, where do i need to grow?”…. So I begin to worship more, pray more, study more, watch more sermons and although for that moment I would felt good, I was still tired. There was still that unsettling frustration. But after reading this it definitely put everything into perspective. I’M LAZY. I made it too deep, and i wanted to fix this feeling by sitting down and i dont know about you, but nothing gets solved by sitting down. So no more excuses just because I’m skinny, my core is crying out for strength and nourishment. It’s time to stand up and make nutrition and exercise a priority. I have a choice and I choose to put the Best Part of Me Forward!!!
    Thank you Jannelle for your words of transparency, vulnerability. Thank God for the power in your writing to free, correct and encourage!!!

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