August 5, 2016

#SheReads: The Best Yes || Lysa Terkeurst

 A Best Yes is you playing your part. If you know it and believe it, you’ll live it.

|| page 5 ||

Lysa was speaking at Elevation Church about two years ago and I remember turning the volume up on my laptop so I could hear what she had to say about my Best Yes. It wasn’t long before I found myself at LifeWay picking up this treasure. I can honestly say the pages and words within this book have made a huge impact on my everyday life within the last 3 months. My urge to act quickly and say yes to every glowing opportunity along with my itch to please people, quickly came to a crossing point with the wisdom God’s word highlights.

Here are just a few of my Best Yes takeaways :

Like me, I’m sure you have found yourself in that quiet place with God in hopes to hear a specific word for your tomorrow. As I get older I find my life unfolding in ways I did not see coming. However, it is within the everyday whispers to God, and from God, that grows my capacity to love and trust His voice INTO the future. I’ll never forget the last two weeks of my college career. I was praying about accepting a position at an Adoption Agency where I was interning. Out of no where, my cousin told me to apply to the near by homeless shelter that was hiring. My everyday whispers with God heightened my discernment to recognize this indeed was a God move. I followed the familiar voice and began my Social Work career as a Life Coach at the shelter. Not only did God lead me into a job that I adore, but I am surrounded by others who have an awareness of His voice and challenge me to be better. It’s worth obeying His instruction for today !


I must say, this chapter clearly put words together that my heart was aching to express but could not articulate. Because it is in my nature to often be a people pleaser, I found myself saying Yes to the many requests around me, which meant I was then hitting the crash of being stretch too greatly. Too often we forfeit our “right now” assignment because we aren’t stopping to make “the best yes” decision for our current season. This chapter made me think twice about the “free” blocks on my calendar.


How often do you find yourself stopping to evaluate the root of the decision you are making? When my eyes took this in, my heart was gripped by the challenge of having to process through the many times I let my insecurities drive my decisions (don’t judge me- I’m sure I’m not alone). Living a life through the lens of insecurity means living a life that was not intended for you to live. Being in a relationship has been the most exciting yet overwhelming process of my young adult years (and yes even with college thrown in there). This point that Lysa made in The Best Yes encouraged me to reach into my core and dig out solutions that were best for the both of us, and not just satisfying to my insecurity for the moment. Of course this takes time and work-  I am now tasting the fruit of letting my identity be the first thing that walks into the situation and boy is it liberating !

These were just a few takeaways my heart held onto while reading. I honestly recommend this book to any and every woman who is in transition, dealing with insecurity, or simply on the journey of answering the call. Wisdom is what we need, and wisdom is what is calling our name. Don’t hide this jewel from your heart, take a read and let me know your thoughts!




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  1. Kimberly Zuniga says:

    I loved when you said “Living a life through the lens of insecurity means living a life that was not intended for you to live”. That right there, is so good!!!

    I would love to read this book!

    Kimberly Zuniga

  2. Chelsea Kuhns says:

    This was such a great read. Chapter 3: Walking into situations with your identity and not your insecurity I can definitely relate to. I’d love to win this awesome book! 🙂

  3. says:

    You are definitely not alone on that last point. I love how you express yourself, Jannelle! Love your blog! & I’d like the book!

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