May 27, 2016

Your Life Changing Story!


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So, here we are! After 7 amazing weeks of nothing but back to back stories of women sharing their stories of victory, defeat, loss, healing and so much more- I could not go on without sharing all that occurred during the first SNS Blast Off.  These women expressed and demonstrated what She’s Not Sorry is about and what it will always be about: YOUR LIFE CHANGING STORY. 

We started off with the amazing Aaren Gutierrez who shared about the day the word “sorry” had a different meaning to her,  after finding out her soon to be born baby boy was no longer living.

It was the long nights of crying that God drew close to me.  It forced me to remove all “church masks” and just be pure and authentic with Him.  When I called upon Him in TRUTH, He reveled truth to me, and loved me through my darkest nights and hours.

Landy Perez followed and reminded us about life’s disappointments. She wrote such comforting words to help us understand that God indeed has his eye on us.

Disappointments are simply God’s way of re-routing things in your life and converting them into divine appointments. He knows what He is doing in your life. Although, sometimes you may not see it or understand why things are transpiring the way they are, trust in His perfect plan for your life. It’s easier said than done, I get that but if you can relinquish your fears, then you’ll leave room for God to work things out the way He wants to.

Becky Morales told us of the moment God called her to homeschool her children. She was living out her dream as a professional- yet the call to obedience was much greater:

I learned that material success is not necessarily the result of obedience, but a sure certainty, a deep intimacy with God is.

 Vanessa Philbert gave us an urgency to address the root cause of our heart’s current condition:

In that moment God reminded me of the richness of His word and that His word was not to be used to validate my experiences but remind me of who HE is! Every promise, every lesson, every piece of advice, every answer is in His word, it is the medicine for my soul.

Laura Rodenberry poured out so much wisdom when sharing her story of Singlehood-ness: Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 9.09.02 PM

I’d rather take the time, however long, to grow in singlehood and be gifted a romance by the greatest Author of all, than to be a weak, double-minded individual who becomes further divided when joined in relationship of romance for the sake of not being alone.

IMG_6232Stephanie Williams posted about being broken. Her post hit every part of me and challenged me, as I am sure one of these stories did to you. As I reflect on her entry I can’t help but quote this phrase she shared:

Brokenness does not define your character, but it will test the durability of your vulnerability.

Lastly, the beautiful Gerica Lilly shared a little about her Cancer journey. She wrapped up the SNS Blast Off with such a powerful message:

I don’t want people to know my story and feel sorry for me. I want people to know my story, see my faith was tested and say, ‘God has to be real!’ . . .I am so grateful I claimed my experiences and didn’t let them claim me.

While the stories were released each week, the testimonies of hope being restored, strength being renewed and hearts being free poured in:

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The power of story is something Jesus himself has proven to be true. Many of us are living out a faith-filled life because we heard the story of a God who loved us so deeply that he did whatever it took to be reunited with us. He gave all he had , his Son, his one and only Son. And this is why: so that no one need be destroyed; by believing in him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life.

The Gospels are filled with individuals being so heavily impacted by this hope, that they write out their personal journey of the red letters Jesus spoke, in hopes to encourage others in their walk.

I believe as God takes you through the many ups and downs, the many mountains and valleys, it is your responsibility to gather all the lessons learned and share them with the world. When we embrace our story by allowing God to weave all the broken pieces together , we become a light house for those around us.

Remember, your pit can be someone’s life giving well if you find the courage to share your life changing story.

Can’t wait for our next She’s Not Sorry Blast Off  this July!





  1. Becky Morales says:

    When you approached me about being a part of your journey, I had no idea of the blessing God was setting me up for. For me, individually reliving the pain of obedience and the deep, internal joy, peace and intimacy with God it produces was a small part of the blessing. The greater part was to read about each of the others’ journey. Their pain and triumph became mine. I cried, laughed and shouted “Yes!” with each victory. It truly has been an honor to be a part of your journey. Awesome! Keep it up.1

  2. Thank you for your series. Each testimony was different but woven with grace, transparency, and humility. Wait until the next go round!

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